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Former Law Student From Jacksonville, Florida, Pleads Guilty of Making Threats

A 2009 law school graduate from Jacksonville, Florida, pleaded guilty Tuesday to federal charges of transmitting threats across state lines.  Michael Behzadi‘s home was searched and prosecutors say that investigators found a few pieces of disturbing evidence.  He made a list, entitled “Don’t (expletive) This Up World Domination.”  The first item on the to-do list was […]

Most Dangerous U.S. Cities

Residents of St. Louis should watch their backs!  The city was just named most dangerous city in the United States by a Uniform Crime Reporting Program created by the FBI.  The annual list is based on population figures and crime data compiled for the FBI reporting program.  Some criminologists question the findings, saying the methodology […]

What to Do (and NOT to Do) When Pulled Over By a Cop

Comedian Chris Rock has put out yet another video spoof on  “How not to get your ass kicked by the police,” so far has had over 6 million views!  I am a Judge in the Civil Traffic Courts of Florida’s Fourth Judicial Circuit, but just when I thought I’ve heard it all….  The funny part of […]

Jacksonville’s Community Events Keeping Yau Law Busy!

  This week, Jacksonville’s events calendar has kept Jo-Anne Yau, of Yau Law, very busy!  The week started with an event at Car Tech, owned by Donna Reade.  She taught women how to take care of their vehicles, recognize any signs of car trouble, and know how to recognize a shady mechanic’s extortion tactics.  This monthly event […]

Life Sentence for Texan’s Ninth DUI Conviction: What About Floridians?

Is the 9th time the charm?  Bobby Joe Stovall was sentenced to life in prison after his ninth DUI conviction, by Texas Judge Billy Ray Stubblefield.  He may only serve ten to fifteen of those years behind bars with early parole as soon as five years.  As a Magistrate in Duval county’s Civil Traffic Court, this […]

Paris Hilton Arrested Again For Drug Possession–That’s Hot!

  Paris popped for possession.  She was stopped when Las Vegas police pulled her over, after suspecting that marijuana smoke was billowing from her Escalade.  According to The Associated Press, cops then found cocaine in her purse. We all know that this isn’t the socialite’s first time around the jailhouse block.  At this year’s World Cup, […]

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