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Jo-Anne Yau to Co-Host Blog Talk Radio’s Business Show

  Blogs aren’t just for reading anymore.  Starting June 3, Kerry Heaps and Jo-Anne Yau will co-host Blog Talk Radio’s “Business Talk Radio” show.  The hour-long shows will address a number of business-related topics, such as patents, franchising, licensing, litigation, and contracts.  It airs every other Friday, 10-11am EST. The inaugural show is dedicated to trademark law.  Ms. […]

McDonald’s: Changing Image with Changing Times

You may notice that commercials for McDonald’s no longer feature Ronald McDonald. Is the 48 year-old clown being phased out?  It has been reported recently that the world’s leading fast-food restaurant chain is shifting to a more mature brand in order to target more sophisticated consumers.  Why companies like McDonald’s rebrand is an inquiry that […]

Jo-Anne Yau’s Franchising Advice Featured in “Entrepreneurs Anchor Magazine”

Ever wanted to be in business for yourself, but not by yourself?  Franchising is the answer.  On page 13 of this month’s issue of Entrepreneurs Anchor Magazine, I take franchisors and franchisees through the basics of this system, and give legal advice and strategies along the way. This article was actually quite timely for me […]

Jo-Anne Yau Presenting Trademark Law Basics to Orange Park Businesses: Dec. 10, 2010

  Jo-Anne Yau, of the Yau Law firm, will be presenting “From Emblems to Empires:  Using Trademarks to Promote, Protect, and Produce Business”  to local businesses on Friday, December 10, 2010, from 11-2.  The seminar will be presented at Water’s Kitchen, in Orange Park, Florida. Entrepreneurs and business owners will learn how to identify their trademarks, […]

Jo-Anne Yau’s Article Published in Entrepreneurs Anchor Magazine: “Trademarks, Copyrights & Patents for the Entrepreneur”

     Jo-Anne Yau has an article published on page 19 of the latest issue of Entrepreneur’s Anchor magazine.  The article is a guide for business owners to distinguish between their trademarks, copyrights, and patents, and how to protect each of them.  The success of a business depends on its uniqueness and innovation.  As an Intellectual Property and Franchising […]

GAP Overhauls Logo Overhaul

After much critisim and outrage, late Monday afternoon Gap released a statement online letting the world know they have reverted back to their original logo.  It seems 20 years is not long enough to have the logo help sell the product. It seems the classic brand was in need of a makeover; hence the new […]

Dora the Exploited?

Look out fans of Nick Jr.’s famous bilingual cartoon, Dora the Explorer. It seems the voice of Dora has been cheated out of millions of dollars… or has she?  Caitlin Sanchez, the 14 year old voice of Dora, has claimed that executives of the show have cut her out of profitable earnings. Sanchez and her […]

Who is Colonel Sanders?

Colonel Sanders, meet Facebook and Twitter.  Patrons were surveyed last week while at various locations of the famous Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise.  Can you believe that six out of 10 surveyed didn’t even know who Colonel Harland Sanders was? To make some of us feel even older, five out of the 10 thought the logo was a […]

Jacksonville’s Community Events Keeping Yau Law Busy!

  This week, Jacksonville’s events calendar has kept Jo-Anne Yau, of Yau Law, very busy!  The week started with an event at Car Tech, owned by Donna Reade.  She taught women how to take care of their vehicles, recognize any signs of car trouble, and know how to recognize a shady mechanic’s extortion tactics.  This monthly event […]

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