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Courtroom Etiquette Do’s and Dont’s

Courtroom mishaps are commonly caused by improper behavior inside of the courtroom, and unfortunately, the events usually end up on the front page of the news. Presentation and decorum will go a long way with the Court and a jury. The Yau Law Firm wants to give a few tips and tricks about how to prevent the Court from using your behavior against you. At a minimum, these 3 tips will help prevent you from feeling . . . awkward in the courtroom.

1) The courtroom is not the place for games, and celebrations should be kept to yourself.

Ex-NFL wide receiver Chad Johnson, recently Ocho-Cinco, could not follow this simple rule and was awarded a 30 day stint in jail. The attorneys had just come up with a plea negotiation in which Johnson would spend no time in jail for violating his probation; but after celebrating in the courtroom by slapping the rear-end of his attorney (as one might do on the football field) the judge ignored the plea resolution and threw the flag for excessive celebration.

2) Be respectful of the Judge at all times.

Penelope Soto, a teenager in Miami, forgot this all too easy rule when she decided to get cute with her judge. She may have gotten off easy, but after bragging about her expensive jewelry, the judge set bond at $5,000. Ms. Soto then decided to continue her cuteness with the judge by bidding farewell in Spanish. The judge was not impressed and brought her back to the podium to tack on another $5,000. Ms. Soto, surprised by the $10,000 bond decided to then bid the judge farewell in sign language (with the middle finger). No surprise that the judge had an answer ready for that as well: a 30-day jail sentence for contempt of court.

3)  If you can manage it, have a professional represent you in the courtroom.

Eric Paolino, a then law student at the University of Miami, learned this rule very quickly while on the People’s Court. Mr. Paolino learned that it is important to BE professional, and if you cannot be professional, hire a professional.

The attorneys at the Yau Law Firm will always represent you in the best light, whether in court, on the phone, or out in public. Yau Law will always have your best interests in mind and make you proud to call them your law firm.

Follow these simple steps and you will be well on your way to success in the courtroom. Call or e-mail us at Yau Law if you have any legal questions or would like to be represented in the court of law.

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