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Faulty Traffic Camera Violations Lead to Pricey Consequences

You might have noticed that certain intersections in Jacksonville have large cameras. In fact, if you have ever driven at night, you might have seen the cameras flash as vehicles cross the intersection. These are red light traffic cameras, and their purpose is to issue traffic tickets to drivers who fail to stop at red lights. At the Yau Law Firm, we fight these tickets, and more often than not, our clients actually should have never received them!

It’s been a suspicion of ours that automated machines cannot be 100% accurate. An audit in Baltimore, Maryland, confirms our suspicions. The Baltimore City Council found that many of their speeding cameras were inaccurate, some with error rates as much as 50%. These errors lead to wrongfully issued violations, and the remedy for the faulty violations were refunds and the city withdrawing from the camera program altogether. In fact, Baltimore voted to pay $600,000 to the camera company, Brekford, to void the contract. Currently, the city is looking into other, more accurate, options.

If you received a red light traffic ticket, do not opt to just pay it! Look at the video link that should be included with the violation. Have an attorney look at the video to determine whether or not there really was a violation. The Yau Law Firm offer services beginning at a flat rate of $69. Give us a call with your traffic questions, and we’d be happy to help you fight!

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