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Is Pie Throwing Considered Hazing?

A 20 minute team building exercise on the soccer field turned into a suspension for 5 senior girls and their coach at Needham High School.  The exercise included one of the freshman girls on the team having a pie thrown in her face.  No one was hurt in the team building –or “hazing” as some are calling it.  

So why the pressure from Principal Jonathan Pizzi and the School Board to have the girls suspended?  Not sure.  One of the parents says, “My daughter is one of the freshman girls.  She loves these seniors, supports these seniors, and is mortified that in any way these seniors are harmed, their college careers are harmed.  The consequences of the investigation were infinitely more harmful than anything that any of these kids went through.”

Could the principal be overreacting?  There have been many stories in the news lately about the consequences of hazing and its emotional effects on it’s victims.  Some recent hazing incidents have lead to students dropping out of school, depression and even suicide.  But when I think of hazing, I think of paddling, beatings, or dares to do dangerous things.  Is suspension too strong for throwing a pie in someone’s face?  I think so.  What do you think?

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