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Integrating Sports into a Successful Business Plan [Blog Talk Radio Episode]


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Blog Talk Radio’s “Business Talk” show co-host, Jo-Anne Yau, presented, “Using Sports as a Business Development Tool.”  Ms. Yau discussed how sports can be integrated into business plans, and addressed the legal consideratations of those business transactions.

The featured guest was Dave McDaid, founder of local outdoor apparel and equipment company, IRISHWATERDOGS.  The show’s focus centered around what Ms. Yau calls, “market stickiness;” that is, consumer recognition of a business providing products or services with high market appeal.

Mr. McDaid promotes the IRISHWATERDOGS’ sporting apparel and equipment line through both Internet and retail stores.  His diversified marketing strategies have been extremely successful, and he credits both online and print marketing as attracting a high consumer affinity to his brand.

Mr. McDaid’s effective style incorporates sporting events and kayak fishing tournaments into his marketing plan.  He shared how sports and charitable contributions are integral to IRISHWATERDOGS’ success.  The company received national media attention for its efforts on behalf of the Wounded Warrior Project, and stressed the importance of encouraging the local community to give back to those in need.  

Ms. Yau shared her thoughts about Mr. McDaid’s business model:  incorporating sports, community efforts, and diverse marketing avenues make IRISHWATERDOGS a market-sticky brand.  There are so many opportunities for the company to interact face-to-face with its customers and community, that it creates a unique experience for the consumer that goes far beyond just trademark recognition.

Mr. McDaid cautioned business owners about the immense amount of work involved in organizing an event, and that the secret to capitalizing on the event is to do follow up networking, to reinforce new relationships.  He stresses that these practices are absolutely vital for building a large and loyal sponsorship base.  He also discussed the importance of a unique and recognizable logo and the pitfalls of choosing a brand that does not reflect your company name, philosophy, and style.

From a Sports Law attorney’s perspective, Ms. Yau ends the show by discussing the legal aspects of integrating sports into a business plan, including: contracts, negotiations, branding, and protecting trademarks.


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