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Jo-Anne Yau becomes Professor Of Law at Florida Coastal School of Law

It’s a bright fall season for the Yau Law Firm as one of our very own attorneys, Ms. Jo-Anne Yau, accepts the calling of a teacher. And, she is not just any teacher. Ms. Yau is now one of few attorneys in the Jacksonville legal community with the distinguished honor of being a law professor. Upon hearing the good news, we just had to ask: “how does it feel to be called Professor, now?”

Her response: “Hahahaha, aside from being scared out of my mind that I won’t have time to sleep until May? I think I’ve been given a unique opportunity to practice law and train my future colleagues…I guess.”

But, all jokes aside, we know Ms. Yau is extremely excited to teach law. She loves educating! In fact, this would not be the first time that Ms. Yau teaches the law student community. For years, Ms. Yau has been an excellent mock trial coach and judge at Florida Coastal. Many of her old students have grown to become excellent attorneys in Jacksonville.

Fans of Jo-Anne Yau, do not fear! This is not the end of her practice. Ms. Yau is not only dedicated to educating future attorneys, but she is just as dedicated to the practice at the firm. Ms. Yau continues her practice in intellectual property (including patent prosecution), business, criminal defense, personal injury, and traffic.

Ms. Yau will be teaching Evidence and Gender & The Law beginning on August 16, 2013.

Congratulations, Jo-Anne Yau!


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