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Paris Hilton Arrested Again For Drug Possession–That’s Hot!

  Paris popped for possession.  She was stopped when Las Vegas police pulled her over, after suspecting that marijuana smoke was billowing from her Escalade.  According to The Associated Press, cops then found cocaine in her purse.

We all know that this isn’t the socialite’s first time around the jailhouse block.  At this year’s World Cup, she was detained by South African authorities for marijuana possession, although charges were dropped.  Of course, her infamous 27 day jail sentence in 2007 was for driving under the influence.

Paris would be an ideal client for my firm!  My Intellectual Property division could handle her portfolio of trademarks, like “That’s Hot,” “Heiress,”  and “Just Me, By Paris Hilton.”  My Criminal Defense division would tackle her slew of run-ins with the law.  And my Corporate and Franchising division would take care of all her crazy business ventures, like her reality show, “My New BFF.”

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