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Representing Car Crash Victims as Florida’s New PIP Law Takes Effect

For years, the Yau Law Firm has consulted with injured clients about the rights they have following an auto-accident. Lack of funds to seek medical treatment usually tops the list of concerns. Yet, even without health insurance, injured claimants found some comfort in knowing that auto-insurance can offer some payment of their medical bills. Now, with the new changes to Florida’s no-fault insurance (Personal Injury Protection, or PIP as others call it) in effect, injured claimants must worry whether their injuries are severe enough to warrant $10,000 in medical benefits, whereas before 2013, they did not. This is all thanks to the reforms on Florida’s no-fault insurance.

The new PIP law requires injured claimants to immediately seek treatment after the car accident–14 days to be exact. If any injured person failed to see a lawfully approved physician within those 14 days, he or she is out of luck. There would be no PIP benefits for him or her, and the injured claimant would need to pay for medical costs out-of-pocket.  If the claimant’s injury is not an “emergency medical condition,” a claimant would be entitled to only $2,500. That is, if the claimant sought treatment within 14 days of the car accident.

At the Yau Law Firm, we understand that car accidents are frustrating. I can tell you from personal experience that not one person will ever be the same after a car accident. Dealing with insurance, however, is probably the last thing you will want to think about, especially if you don’t know if you have enough money to pay for medical treatment. But we know how to handle insurance adjusters and claims. To find out what rights you have, and how the new PIP law will effect you, call us today! Your personal injury consultation with us IS ALWAYS FREE. 

Article by: Florence Chen


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