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The Legal Side of Business: Business owners learned about business law from Yau Law Firm

What could any business owner want to know about owning a business?  When Pat Blanchard, the director of the Business Women of Color task force, suggested a meeting to help women business owners, we at the Yau Law Firm were all too thrilled to offer a small educational lecture.

On June 29, 2013, Florence Monauer and Jo-Anne Yau, together with the Business Women of Color (a task force of the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce) (commonly called the “BWOC”), held a small workshop at Havana Jax, located on 2578 Atlantic Blvd in Jacksonville. Over good food and drinks, we addressed common legal issues that arise from owning a business such as licensing, franchising, renting property, trademarking a brand, and the like.

Some of the questions asked at the Q&A session were, “how do I know when a rental contract is fair,” “does my business qualify for a charitable tax exemption under 501 (c)(3),” “what do I do about my brand if a different company already has that same brand?”

It was exciting for us to see women taking the initiative to starting their own businesses. We are business owners too! The BWOC is a task force of the Jacksonville Women’s Business Center, located in downtown Jacksonville, inside the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce building. Their sole purpose is to help business owners of all ethnicities at every stage of their business. BWOC desires to help business owners become successful and active in the Jacksonville community.

To find out more about the BWOC, go to

Photograph by Amy Calfee.




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