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Trademark Business Basics [Blog Talk Radio Episode]


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 Blog Talk Radio’s “Business Talk” show co-host, Ms. Yau, presented, “Trademark Business Basics.”  Ms. Yau discussed the basics of business: from getting your trademark registered to franchising your company.  She discussed the types of businesses that will most benefit from trademarks and the process involved in registering and protecting that brand.

The guest on this episode was Kyle Boatwright, President of Worthington Millworks, who provides a service and a product:  custom built and designed columns.  Mr. Boatwright spoke about his experience in registering his name and logo, and how registered trademarks have facilitated his business’ development and marketing.  Now, the public knows that his trademark belongs to him and he is able to stands by his product.  He explained the necessity of using an attorney for both preventative and defensive matters and the process it took to register his name and logo.  Now, Mr. Boatwright is able to think about global opportunities and expansion to franchising.

Listen to this episode to learn about trademark searches, both forward and backward.  The show offers listeners advice for business owners whose goal is to grow and gain recognition.  Finally, learn about Cease and Desist letters in the enforcement of trademarks.

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