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Who is Colonel Sanders?

Colonel Sanders, meet Facebook and Twitter.  Patrons were surveyed last week while at various locations of the famous Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise.  Can you believe that six out of 10 surveyed didn’t even know who Colonel Harland Sanders was?

To make some of us feel even older, five out of the 10 thought the logo was a generated face for the trademark.  KFC has launched a viral PR campaign to help boost sales to their targeted markets. Spokeswoman Laurie Schalow says “We plan to celebrate the fact that our founder was a real person.”

Is it important for people to know the real Colonel Sanders?  Probably not.  After all, as long as KFC gives us delicious fried chicken swimming in the sinfully savory gravy, why does the restaurant’s historical significance matter?  If knowing who the man behind the secret recipe is will get me a discount on a bucket, then maybe I’ll bone up on KFC’s background.  Till then–pass the finger lickin’ good chicken!

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