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3D Speed Bump: The Optical Illusion Controversy

 A personal injury attorney’s dream, or a parent’s worst nightmare?  West Vancouver officials are not satisfied with the results of traditional speed bumps.  Pavement Patty is designed to slow cars down that are not traveling at the safe rate of speed.  If the driver is going the proper speed limit, the image will slow or […]

Who is Colonel Sanders?

Colonel Sanders, meet Facebook and Twitter.  Patrons were surveyed last week while at various locations of the famous Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise.  Can you believe that six out of 10 surveyed didn’t even know who Colonel Harland Sanders was? To make some of us feel even older, five out of the 10 thought the logo was a […]

Jacksonville’s Community Events Keeping Yau Law Busy!

  This week, Jacksonville’s events calendar has kept Jo-Anne Yau, of Yau Law, very busy!  The week started with an event at Car Tech, owned by Donna Reade.  She taught women how to take care of their vehicles, recognize any signs of car trouble, and know how to recognize a shady mechanic’s extortion tactics.  This monthly event […]

Florida Gulf Safe Seafood

The “Florida GULF SAFE” is a certification mark is an endorsement provided by Florida’s Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Services, reminding people that despite the disruption caused by the oil spill, seafood is still plentiful, and urging people to take advantage of it. Commissioner Charles H. Bronson says that Florida Seafood is: Still Safe, Plentiful and […]