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The Yau Law Firm
Focused on Protecting Businesses and Representing the Injured

Royal Baby in Carseat Could Mean Injuries in a Car Accident

Infants and children are injured every day in car wrecks.  Many of these injuries could be reduced or avoided altogether by the actions of the adults responsible for them. As Personal Injury attorneys, we represent mostly adults, but we have represented our share of children and infants injured in car accidents as well.  Improperly installed […]

The Legal Side of Business: Business owners learned about business law from Yau Law Firm

What could any business owner want to know about owning a business?  When Pat Blanchard, the director of the Business Women of Color task force, suggested a meeting to help women business owners, we at the Yau Law Firm were all too thrilled to offer a small educational lecture. On June 29, 2013, Florence Monauer […]

Florence Chen becomes Florence Monauer

The Yau Law Firm is pleased to announce that on June 1, 2013, Florence Chen tied the knot with Lucas Monauer! Previously known as Florence Y. Chen, Florence now goes by Florence Monauer (we like to tease her and call her “Flo-Mo”). Chen and Monauer met in Provo, Utah, where Chen attended Brigham Young University. Although […]