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A Monkey’s Selfie in the Forest turns into a Copyright Debate

There is nothing more entertaining at the Yau Law Firm than stumbling upon a fun intellectual property question: If a monkey takes a picture of itself–a”selfie”–in the forest, does it own the copyrights to those photographs? According to British photographer, David Slater, it should. Back in 2011, Slater traveled to Indonesia to photograph the Celebes […]

Jacksonville crowned as a hot hub for entrepreneurship by CNN Money

Whether it is in Florida or some other state, federal trademarks, patents, and copyrights are just some of the things we help our business clients with on a daily basis here at the Yau Law Firm. But, when it comes to starting a business, we are all about planting roots right here in Jacksonville! Sure, […]

What to do if you received a Cease & Desist Letter

Cease and desist letters are particularly handy for those wanting to enforce trademarks, copyrights, patents, licenses, and really, any other right. At the Yau Law Firm, we have dealt with cease and desist letters on both ends of the spectrum: we have issued cease and desist letters on behalf of our clients, and we have […]

Starting a New Business? Consider Attending OneSpark!

In less than 19 days, more than 600 Creators will display their projects throughout downtown Jacksonville for a shot at some of the $3.25 million dollars inside the crowd-funding pot. Last year, our attorneys at the Yau Law Firm attended OneSpark and gave our votes and support to some Creators and their intellectual property. This […]

A London nightclub sues Spotify, claiming copyright infringement on arrangement of songs in playlists

Imagine this: all of the songs on your playlist are properly licensed for streaming and replaying, but someone is claiming copyright infringement on your song compilation. How can this be? As Yau Law Firm attorneys handling intellectual property issues on a daily basis, we couldn’t help but comment about the interesting international copyright lawsuit in […]

Negotiate instead of Litigate: how negotiating can lead to saving grief and money–Part 2

Can you benefit from preserving the relationship, or having a better relationship, with the other party? In the first part of this topical discussion on the Yau Law blog, I addressed how negotiating can ultimately lead to a successful ending for all parties involved in litigation (or potential litigation). But, the common problem that most litigants […]

Copyright Infringement May Result In Criminal Penalties

The Yau Law firm is proud to represent clients in all areas of practice relating to intellectual property. Yau Law has stood by their clients providing legal advice and representation through every stage of the business: from protecting an invention to creating contract negotiations over the invention’s sale, Yau Law has protected businesses big and […]

Associated Press Wins Copyright Lawsuit against Meltwater

Yau Law firm represents clients by protecting their intellectual property (copyrights, trademarks, and patents)  from infringement. Oftentimes, people think of intellectual property as registering a copyright for a photograph or an illustration; others think of trademarking a slogan or a business name while some think of patenting an invention. But intellectual property is more than just […]

Are your Pictures Showing up Somewhere Else?

Copyright protection is a common concern for business owners, particularly for artists and photographers. After all, photographs, pictures, and the like, can be considered intellectual property. So, when someone uses photographs without the owner’s permission, issues about copyright infringement can arise. But, what about pictures of yourself that you posted on your Facebook, twitter, YouTube, Google plus, […]

Intellectal Property Supports Economy

Did you know that IP supports economic growth? According to an April 2012 report released by the U.S. Commerce Department, industries dealing heavily with intellectual property (IP) support 40 million jobs. In fact, IP contributes about 35 percent of the U.S. gross domestic product (GDP)—that’s about $5 trillion dollars! Why is this good news? While […]

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