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The Yau Law Firm
Focused on Protecting Businesses and Representing the Injured

Yau Law Firm goes to the National Rugby Championship Game Hosted by Jacksonville Axemen

  At the Yau Law Firm, we are a big fan of sports. After all, we are attorneys who represent athletes and sport teams in business negotiations and licensing agreements. But, we love seeing a good show, and that is what we saw at the National Rugby Championship game on August 23, 2014, hosted at […]

After OneSpark: Thoughts of a Business Owner

The Yau Law Firm is all about business. We help business owners form entities; we help them protect their trademarks, logos, slogans, and other intellectual property from infringement and subsequent litigation. We have helped owners become compliant for non-profit 501(c)(3) tax designations. From drafting licensing agreements to ensuring that artists are covered in the entertainment […]

String of Football Concussion Cases Open as Philadelphia NFL Lawsuit Settles at $765 Million

Just a few days shy of the new 2013 football season, the parties to the Philadelphia concussion law suit reached an agreement to settle at $765 million dollars. More than 4,500 former NFL football players filed the suit against the NFL, contending that the NFL failed to disclose the risks of concussions and for rushing […]

Olympic Hosts Insult “Fat American Families” to Thwart Trademark Grief

Why are Londoners insulting the U.S. with sales of “I’M RENTING MY FLAT TO A FAT AMERICAN FAMILY” Olympic memorabilia?  It’s a clever, but age-old trick to skirt trademark infringement liability. It’s common knowledge that London, as an Olympic host city, stands to make a lot of money from visitors and tourists.  The International Olympic […]

Integrating Sports into a Successful Business Plan [Blog Talk Radio Episode]

  Blog Talk Radio’s “Business Talk” show co-host, Jo-Anne Yau, presented, “Using Sports as a Business Development Tool.”  Ms. Yau discussed how sports can be integrated into business plans, and addressed the legal consideratations of those business transactions. The featured guest was Dave McDaid, founder of local outdoor apparel and equipment company, IRISHWATERDOGS.  The show’s focus centered around what Ms. […]

Sports Agents and Sports Law Attorneys: What’s the Difference?

  “SHOW ME THE MONEY!”  Who was the sports agent made famous by Tom Cruise or Jay Mohr in the movie, Jerry Maguire?  And does that movie accurately portray what a real sports agent does on the day-to-day? Sports agents like Drew Rosenhaus, pictured above when he was featured on 60 Minutes,  may represent almost 150 clients, […]

NFL: Owners and Players Settle on a New Collective Bargaining Agreement

After months of intense negotiating, the NFL Lockout came to a close late this July.  Team owners unanimously voted, with the Oakland Raiders abstaining, to ratify the National Football League Players Association’s (NFLPA) latest collective bargaining agreement (CBA) proposal. This ended an impasse that had officially begun on March 12, 2011, just weeks after the previous collective bargaining agreement […]