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Life Sentence for Texan’s Ninth DUI Conviction: What About Floridians?

Is the 9th time the charm?  Bobby Joe Stovall was sentenced to life in prison after his ninth DUI conviction, by Texas Judge Billy Ray Stubblefield.  He may only serve ten to fifteen of those years behind bars with early parole as soon as five years.  As a Magistrate in Duval county’s Civil Traffic Court, this […]

Paris Hilton Arrested Again For Drug Possession–That’s Hot!

  Paris popped for possession.  She was stopped when Las Vegas police pulled her over, after suspecting that marijuana smoke was billowing from her Escalade.  According to The Associated Press, cops then found cocaine in her purse. We all know that this isn’t the socialite’s first time around the jailhouse block.  At this year’s World Cup, […]

BP Announces Deadline for Filing Oil Spill Claims

  BP announced today that August 28 will be the last day that they will be accepting claims for loss of income, personal illness or injury, property damage, and other harms caused by the April oil spill.  This announcement came swiftly and with shocking modesty.  Consider the prime time run of BP’s TV and radio ads, where […]

BP’s $20 Billion Earmark Falls Short

BP set aside $20 billion to compensate businesses and people affected by their oil spill Think that’s enough?  Think again!  Try $63 billion!  So why such a low earmark? Using the cost from the Exxon Valdez disaster in 1989 as a comparison, Exxon ultimately paid over $287 million in compensatory damages alone.  The Valdez leaked over […]