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Third World Media, LLC Targeting Comcast’s Jacksonville Customers in Copyright Infringement Lawsuit

Third World Media, LLC, filed a lawsuit against thousands of Does (referring to “John Doe” or “Jane Doe” defendants) for copyright infringement, many of them being Florida residents.  This lawsuit was filed January 10, 2011, and Comcast’s notices of subpoena in this lawsuit have made their way to Jacksonville mailboxes.  The accusation:  file downloading and sharing of […]

Digital Sin, Inc. Lawsuit Against 145 Jacksonville residents

In the last week, I have already met with five Jacksonville-area Comcast customers.  They are outraged and confused over being named one of 145 defendants in a copyright infringement lawsuit initiated by Digital Sin, Inc., a New Jersey-based company.  The unnamed defendants in this lawsuit are referred to as “Does,” as in multiple “John Doe” […]