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Get Your Invention Noticed

After the long process of getting your invention patented, you will find that your journey has only just begun.   Finding a company to manufacture, package, and market the product will be the next big hurdle of your adventure. In an effort to reach out to inventors, large companies such as Staples, Inc., Clorox, Co., and General […]

Copyrights: Intellectual Property Audits, Part 2 of 4

Welcome back to the Intellectual Property Audits, part 2 of 4.  Our next section is copyrights.  Here are a few tips for the IP audit process related to protecting the expression of creativity. Who owns a copyright in the work-place setting?  Answer:  Employers instantly own the copyrights to works created by their employees within the […]

GAP Overhauls Logo Overhaul

After much critisim and outrage, late Monday afternoon Gap released a statement online letting the world know they have reverted back to their original logo.  It seems 20 years is not long enough to have the logo help sell the product. It seems the classic brand was in need of a makeover; hence the new […]

Dora the Exploited?

Look out fans of Nick Jr.’s famous bilingual cartoon, Dora the Explorer. It seems the voice of Dora has been cheated out of millions of dollars… or has she?  Caitlin Sanchez, the 14 year old voice of Dora, has claimed that executives of the show have cut her out of profitable earnings. Sanchez and her […]

Patents: Intellectual Property Audits, Part 1 of 4

IP Audits are lengthy, to say the least.  Most interviews take about half a day and go into great detail with top management.  The IP audit report consists of action items for the company and it’s attorneys to work on.  Items on the audit report can take up to three years to complete.  The intellectual […]

Taylor Swift Wins in Trademark Infringement Litigation

Taylor Swift has been granted a default judgment for trademark infringement against 16 individuals for selling counterfeit merchandise bearing her name and picture. Swift’s merchandise enforcement team found individuals selling T-shirts and other tour related items with her image on them. All items were produced with out permission or consent.  Senior District Judge Thomas A. […]

What to Do (and NOT to Do) When Pulled Over By a Cop

Comedian Chris Rock has put out yet another video spoof on  “How not to get your ass kicked by the police,” so far has had over 6 million views!  I am a Judge in the Civil Traffic Courts of Florida’s Fourth Judicial Circuit, but just when I thought I’ve heard it all….  The funny part of […]