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The Yau Law Firm
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Yau Law Firm goes to the National Rugby Championship Game Hosted by Jacksonville Axemen

  At the Yau Law Firm, we are a big fan of sports. After all, we are attorneys who represent athletes and sport teams in business negotiations and licensing agreements. But, we love seeing a good show, and that is what we saw at the National Rugby Championship game on August 23, 2014, hosted at […]

A Monkey’s Selfie in the Forest turns into a Copyright Debate

There is nothing more entertaining at the Yau Law Firm than stumbling upon a fun intellectual property question: If a monkey takes a picture of itself–a”selfie”–in the forest, does it own the copyrights to those photographs? According to British photographer, David Slater, it should. Back in 2011, Slater traveled to Indonesia to photograph the Celebes […]

Multiple-Car Crash: How to Handle your Personal Injury Claim

As Jacksonville personal injury attorneys at the Yau Law Firm, it is not uncommon for us to consult with injured claimants who were involved in a car accident with multiple cars. Sometimes, our claimants were stuck in the middle of the crash, and they are confused about asserting any personal injury claims. Most believe that […]