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Yau Law Firm goes to the National Rugby Championship Game Hosted by Jacksonville Axemen

¬† At the Yau Law Firm, we are a big fan of sports. After all, we are attorneys who represent athletes and sport teams in business negotiations and licensing agreements. But, we love seeing a good show, and that is what we saw at the National Rugby Championship game on August 23, 2014, hosted at […]

Tesla Faces Trademark Battle in China

The internet is abuzz with news of Tesla Motors, an American company that makes electric cars, battling a trademark lawsuit in China against businessman, Zhan Baosheng. The luxury electric-car maker is being sued in China for trademark infringement; Zhan is claiming that he owns the trademark over “Tesla” in English and the Chinese translation. According […]

Why You Should Consider Trademarking Before Naming Your Business

At the Yau Law Firm, we see business owners at various stages of their business. Most often, we meet people who are starting a new company or creating a new product. In addition to offering our business services, such as incorporating, filing non-profit status, and franchising, we always suggest our clients to think about trademarking. […]

Jacksonville crowned as a hot hub for entrepreneurship by CNN Money

Whether it is in Florida or some other state, federal trademarks, patents, and copyrights are just some of the things we help our business clients with on a daily basis here at the Yau Law Firm. But, when it comes to starting a business, we are all about planting roots right here in Jacksonville! Sure, […]

After OneSpark: Thoughts of a Business Owner

The Yau Law Firm is all about business. We help business owners form entities; we help them protect their trademarks, logos, slogans, and other intellectual property from infringement and subsequent litigation. We have helped owners become compliant for non-profit 501(c)(3) tax designations. From drafting licensing agreements to ensuring that artists are covered in the entertainment […]

What to do if you received a Cease & Desist Letter

Cease and desist letters are particularly handy for those wanting to enforce trademarks, copyrights, patents, licenses, and really, any other right. At the Yau Law Firm, we have dealt with cease and desist letters on both ends of the spectrum: we have issued cease and desist letters on behalf of our clients, and we have […]

Starting a New Business? Consider Attending OneSpark!

In less than 19 days, more than 600 Creators will display their projects throughout downtown Jacksonville for a shot at some of the $3.25 million dollars inside the crowd-funding pot. Last year, our attorneys at the Yau Law Firm attended OneSpark and gave our votes and support to some Creators and their intellectual property. This […]

“Dumb Starbucks” is a hilarious attempt at the Fair Use Doctrine.

It’s not every day that we at the Yau Law Firm get a real good laugh about trademarks (because lawyers are devoid of humor, after all…), but we certainly got a good chuckle out of “Dumb Starbucks,” which we ¬†believe was the purpose for this store’s existence (albeit very short). On February 7, 2014, a […]

Video Game Company Enforces Registered Trademarks of “Candy” and “Saga,” Furious Responses Follow

During a lunch conversation at the Yau Law Firm, Samantha, my receptionist, suddenly piped, “hey, did you hear about someone trademarking the word ‘Candy’?” My initial reaction to Samantha’s news was one of disbelief. I thought to myself, “that’s a very descriptive word! How is it possible?” My subsequent research answered that question: “Candy,” is […]

iPhone/iPad App Demonstrates the Power of Trademarks

As intellectual property attorneys at the Yau Law Firm, clients often inquire about the benefits of having a trademark. What is a trademark, and what can it do for businesses? The answer: plenty. What better way to demonstrate the power of having a trademark than to play a simple video game app? It’s called Guess […]

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