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What to do if you received a Cease & Desist Letter

Cease and desist letters are particularly handy for those wanting to enforce trademarks, copyrights, patents, licenses, and really, any other right. At the Yau Law Firm, we have dealt with cease and desist letters on both ends of the spectrum: we have issued cease and desist letters on behalf of our clients, and we have […]

Yau Law Firm Attorneys Beam Proudly over their Students’ Mock Trial Successes

The fall season brought successes for two mock trial teams from Florida Coastal School of Law. Jo-Anne Yau and Florence Chen Monauer both coached two separate teams, and each of them celebrated the successes of their students. At the end of October, the team competing at The Charlotte School of Law, co-coached by Florence Monauer, […]

Negotiate instead of Litigate: how negotiating can lead to saving grief and money–Part 4

  In this final blog part about negotiations, I address the question: “is the other party likely to agree to a certain result if you present a reasonable offer?”  In my previous Yau Law firm blog posts, I addressed how negotiations can save time and money if you (1) can benefit from saving or having […]

Negotiate instead of Litigate: how negotiating can lead to saving grief and money–Part 3

Does litigation cost more than the possible monetary relief you may get at the end of the case? If it does, you may want to consider negotiating with the other party. The past two parts to this Yau Law Firm blog addressed negotiating as a better alternative to those who can benefit from a better […]

Negotiate instead of Litigate: how negotiating can lead to saving grief and money–Part 2

Can you benefit from preserving the relationship, or having a better relationship, with the other party? In the first part of this topical discussion on the Yau Law blog, I addressed how negotiating can ultimately lead to a successful ending for all parties involved in litigation (or potential litigation). But, the common problem that most litigants […]

Negotiate instead of Litigate: how negotiating can lead to saving grief and money–Part 1

As an attorney at the Yau Law Firm who handles various types of litigation, I speak from personal experience: negotiating with the other party can save you grief and money, and it can even result in a better outcome for everyone. This tidbit of info works whether you are at the beginning of litigation, in […]

Royal Baby in Carseat Could Mean Injuries in a Car Accident

Infants and children are injured every day in car wrecks.  Many of these injuries could be reduced or avoided altogether by the actions of the adults responsible for them. As Personal Injury attorneys, we represent mostly adults, but we have represented our share of children and infants injured in car accidents as well.  Improperly installed […]

Courtroom Etiquette Do’s and Dont’s

Courtroom mishaps are commonly caused by improper behavior inside of the courtroom, and unfortunately, the events usually end up on the front page of the news. Presentation and decorum will go a long way with the Court and a jury. The Yau Law Firm wants to give a few tips and tricks about how to […]

What is a Love Contract?

What do Justin Timberlake, Halle Berry, and Catherine Zeta-Jones all have in common? No, they are not clients of the Yau Law Firm, but if you guessed that they each have some form of a “Love Contract” with their significant others, you would be right! You might be asking yourself “what the heck is a love contract. . […]

Copyright Infringement May Result In Criminal Penalties

The Yau Law firm is proud to represent clients in all areas of practice relating to intellectual property. Yau Law has stood by their clients providing legal advice and representation through every stage of the business: from protecting an invention to creating contract negotiations over the invention’s sale, Yau Law has protected businesses big and […]

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