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A London nightclub sues Spotify, claiming copyright infringement on arrangement of songs in playlists

Imagine this: all of the songs on your playlist are properly licensed for streaming and replaying, but someone is claiming copyright infringement on your song compilation. How can this be? As Yau Law Firm attorneys handling intellectual property issues on a daily basis, we couldn’t help but comment about the interesting international copyright lawsuit in […]

String of Football Concussion Cases Open as Philadelphia NFL Lawsuit Settles at $765 Million

Just a few days shy of the new 2013 football season, the parties to the Philadelphia concussion law suit reached an agreement to settle at $765 million dollars. More than 4,500 former NFL football players filed the suit against the NFL, contending that the NFL failed to disclose the risks of concussions and for rushing […]

Yau Law to participate in panel discussion about starting a law firm

Whether it is a fashion boutique, a coffee shop, a nail salon, or even a law firm, a business is a business, and the Yau Law Firm is there to help with each stage of its creation. On Friday, September 6, 2013, Florence Monauer will join three other Jacksonville attorneys in a panel discussion with […]

iPhone/iPad App Demonstrates the Power of Trademarks

As intellectual property attorneys at the Yau Law Firm, clients often inquire about the benefits of having a trademark. What is a trademark, and what can it do for businesses? The answer: plenty. What better way to demonstrate the power of having a trademark than to play a simple video game app? It’s called Guess […]