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Florida Gulf Safe Seafood

The “Florida GULF SAFE” is a certification mark is an endorsement provided by Florida’s Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Services, reminding people that despite the disruption caused by the oil spill, seafood is still plentiful, and urging people to take advantage of it. Commissioner Charles H. Bronson says that Florida Seafood is: Still Safe, Plentiful and […]

BP Announces Deadline for Filing Oil Spill Claims

  BP announced today that August 28 will be the last day that they will be accepting claims for loss of income, personal illness or injury, property damage, and other harms caused by the April oil spill.  This announcement came swiftly and with shocking modesty.  Consider the prime time run of BP’s TV and radio ads, where […]

BP’s $20 Billion Earmark Falls Short

BP set aside $20 billion to compensate businesses and people affected by their oil spill Think that’s enough?  Think again!  Try $63 billion!  So why such a low earmark? Using the cost from the Exxon Valdez disaster in 1989 as a comparison, Exxon ultimately paid over $287 million in compensatory damages alone.  The Valdez leaked over […]

Seminar: Guide for Businesses & Individuals Filing Their Own BP Oil Spill Claim

Does my company qualify for compensation? How do I prove that the oil spill affected my business? Could my illness be related to the oil spill? What constitutes “property damage”? Do I waive legal rights by accepting compensation? These are only a few of the many questions Floridians ask me about their oil spill concerns. […]

BP Oil Spill Claims Pouring in from Florida

In Jacksonville, J.L. Trent’s Seafood and Grill nervously watches over fewer and fewer tables, while they are paying more and more to bring in a scarce supply of seafood. Jackie’s Seafood, another Jacksonville restaurant, no longer serves oysters on the half-shell, because they are too hard to find. I have answered questions coming in from […]