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Florida Legislature Seeking to Expand “Stand Your Ground” Law

For years, the Yau Law Firm has defended various types of criminal defense cases ranging from DUIs and drug offenses, to burglary and theft charges. But, no criminal defense case has generated so much heat and discussion in 2012 like the Trayvon Martin case. Now, once again, the nation questions the fate of George Zimmerman, the man […]

Proposition 8: Nation Waits on U.S. Supreme Court’s Decision to Review Same-Sex Marriage Cases

  The decision to overturn a California proposition that bans same-sex marriages may finally come to the United State’s Supreme Court’s attention. On November 30th, 2012, the Supreme Court justices met to discuss which cases the court will review (that is, whether to “grant certiorari”). Perry v. Brown (formerly known as Perry v. Schwarzenegger) was among the […]

Digital Sin, Inc. Lawsuit Against 145 Jacksonville residents

In the last week, I have already met with five Jacksonville-area Comcast customers.  They are outraged and confused over being named one of 145 defendants in a copyright infringement lawsuit initiated by Digital Sin, Inc., a New Jersey-based company.  The unnamed defendants in this lawsuit are referred to as “Does,” as in multiple “John Doe” […]

Recruitment Fraud: A Job Seeker’s Nightmare

A common scam, especially in this economy, is recruitment fraud. The scamming party will fraudulently pose as the agent for a legitimate business and will use fictitious offers of employment to trick jobseekers out of personal information or money. Recruitment fraud comes in different varieties. In one method, a bogus website is created using the […]

Jacksonville Asian Community Targets of Crime; Misconceptions About Criminal Defense

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office reported that the Asian community has been a prime target by criminals, citing the statistical data available to the public.  JSO representatives, State Attorney Angela Corey, and leaders of local Asian organizations held a community forum in early June to discuss safety.   Law enforcement offered  advice to families and business owners  to ensure their own safety.  Suggestions included:  providing […]

Dog Bite Injuries in Florida – Part II: Dangerous Dogs and Insuring Against Owners’ Losses

 This is the second in a two-part series on dog-related injuries in Florida.  The first segment, we discussed a dog owner’s liability when their pets bite, injure, or otherwise harass.  We also answer whether a dog’s past good or bad behavior makes a difference.  In this second part, we see how Florida Statutes define a […]

Dog Bite Injuries In Florida – Part I: Good Dogs, Bad Dogs, and Their Owners

  Florida has historically had so many dog bite-related injuries, that an entire Chapter of Florida Statutes is dedicated to holding dog owners liable in the event of these incidents.  The Yau Law Firm handles these types of personal injury cases.  Part I of this blog addresses highlights of Florida’s Dog Bite Statute, as it pertains […]

[video] Jo-Anne Yau Meets Teen Court Attorney Featured on CNN at Scholarship Reception

CNN video: Duval Teen Court Recently, Jo-Anne Yau, and the Board of the Jacksonville Asian American Alliance (JAAA), hosted a Mentoring session and scholarship presentation at the University of North Florida (UNF). At the mentoring session, teens from Duval and surrounding counties had the opportunity to meet with professionals in the community.  At the reception, the […]

Jacksonville Ranked 5th Worst Speed Trap in the Nation

Jacksonville was recently ranked in the top five of the Nation’s worst speed traps. This is according to the National Motorists Association (NMA), which bases its rankings on the number of reported speed trap sites in each city. Jacksonville has 175 sites, while number one ranked Houston has 373 sites. A speed trap is typically […]

Circuit Court Judge Jeff Morrow Died Overnight of Heart Attack

  The Jacksonville legal community arrived in their offices this morning to heartbreaking news:  Circuit Court Judge Jeff Morrow died last night, of a heart attack.  He was 56 years old. The tragic news spread quickly through Duval county.  I heard from my good friend, criminal defense attorney Whitney Lonker, via text. “I’m crying my eyes […]

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