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Jacksonville Franchising Sets Sights on World Market

Jacksonville is becoming a larger pin on the Florida map.  Local outdoor apparel and equipment company, IRISHWATERDOGS, with their charitable and patriotic efforts toward the Wounded Warriors Project, will be NBC Sports’ and VS. Channel’s poster child they reflect on the 10th anniversary of Sept. 11.  The Jacksonville Sharks have just celebrated their “Superbowl of Arena […]

Katie Holmes’ Lawsuit Against Star Magazine: Defamation of a Public Figure

Actress Katie Holmes recently filed a libel lawsuit for damages of $50 million against American Media Inc., owner of Star Magazine. The complaint alleges that the tabloid printed “vicious lies” and harmful statements intended to lead readers to believe that Katie is a drug addict. The cover of the magazine’s January edition displays an unflattering […]

Recruitment Fraud: A Job Seeker’s Nightmare

A common scam, especially in this economy, is recruitment fraud. The scamming party will fraudulently pose as the agent for a legitimate business and will use fictitious offers of employment to trick jobseekers out of personal information or money. Recruitment fraud comes in different varieties. In one method, a bogus website is created using the […]