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The Yau Law Firm
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Yau Law Firm Seminar: “Protecting Your Brand,” February 18, 2011

 Jacksonville and North Florida’s business owners, entrepreneurs, and inventors will have the opportunity to learn how to create and protect their trademarks this Friday.  Felicia Wright, owner of MyGani Design Studios, will be offering advice on creating and marketing a unique image for businesses and products.  Jo-Anne Yau, of the Yau Law Firm, will discuss […]

Why “Superbowl” is Not “The Big Game”: A Trademark Showdown

  “Superbowl.”  “The Big Game.”  “Football Championship.” Isn’t the word, “Superbowl” the sexiest, most powerful of the three?  In anticipation of the Pittsburgh Steelers squaring off against the Green Bay Packers at the Cowboys Stadium this Sunday, why are restaurants, retailers, and the hospitality industry using any other word to describe their happy hours, sales, […]