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After OneSpark: Thoughts of a Business Owner

The Yau Law Firm is all about business. We help business owners form entities; we help them protect their trademarks, logos, slogans, and other intellectual property from infringement and subsequent litigation. We have helped owners become compliant for non-profit 501(c)(3) tax designations. From drafting licensing agreements to ensuring that artists are covered in the entertainment industry, we have spoken the language of business law. But, it’s something else to actually own and run a local business.

In addition to my experience in co-running a law business, my husband and I are co-creators of a company named Bird Tree. Our very first video game was presented at OneSpark at the Art Center II located at 229 N. Hogan Street. When the four creators of Bird Tree got together, we had to immediately make the same decisions that I had helped my clients make when forming a company. What is more significant, however, is experiencing what it’s like to be a small start-up again: starting with nothing but ideas and dreams. We didn’t even think we could make it into OneSpark, but we did! And, we got quite a bit of attention from visitors while there. For twelve hours a day, we manned/womanned the booth; we gave our best selling pitches and requested visitors to give us a vote. Although we certainly did not win OneSpark, we left the event having made new contacts, friends, and opportunities.

Nevertheless, I cannot forget the smiling faces of those clients we met with big start-up dreams. These business owners are every day people like you and me: mothers, fathers, grand parents, college grads or high school kids. Despite all the challenges these business owners face, they somehow make it through. So, I raise my glass in toast to you: here’s to innovation, perseverance, and courage!

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Article by: Florence Chen Monauer

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