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Negotiate instead of Litigate: how negotiating can lead to saving grief and money–Part 4

  In this final blog part about negotiations, I address the question: “is the other party likely to agree to a certain result if you present a reasonable offer?”  In my previous Yau Law firm blog posts, I addressed how negotiations can save time and money if you (1) can benefit from saving or having […]

Negotiate instead of Litigate: how negotiating can lead to saving grief and money–Part 3

Does litigation cost more than the possible monetary relief you may get at the end of the case? If it does, you may want to consider negotiating with the other party. The past two parts to this Yau Law Firm blog addressed negotiating as a better alternative to those who can benefit from a better […]

Royal Baby in Carseat Could Mean Injuries in a Car Accident

Infants and children are injured every day in car wrecks.  Many of these injuries could be reduced or avoided altogether by the actions of the adults responsible for them. As Personal Injury attorneys, we represent mostly adults, but we have represented our share of children and infants injured in car accidents as well.  Improperly installed […]

Circuit Court Judge Grants Injunction against New Florida PIP Law

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) benefits, medical treatments, car accident claims…all of these have been affected by the new Florida PIP law (or No-Fault law) that went into effect January 1, 2013. Not too long after the new PIP law was enacted, Judge Terry Lewis, a circuit court judge from the Second Judicial Circuit of Florida, ordered a […]

Injured? Family Members May Also Have a Claim

Injury or loss of a loved one due to negligence can be a heart breaking and life altering event that affects not just the injured, but the entire family. For years, the Yau Law Firm has represented injured people in auto-accident, dog bite, and slip & fall cases.  But, what about family members of our […]

Negligence Case 101: When You Might Need a Lawyer

Can I benefit from having a personal injury lawyer? My neighbor’s dog bit me, now what? I fell and broke my leg at the grocery store, what do I do now? What is a negligence claim? These are all questions that might be floating through your mind if you have suffered an injury due to […]

Does the New Florida PIP Law Apply to My Pending Case?

“What if my car accident happened before 2013?” “Does the new Florida PIP law affect my case?” These are questions often asked by our personal injury clients at the Yau Law Firm. Our clients, however, are not the only ones asking these questions. In fact, medical providers are now wondering if the same stringent requirements […]

Yau Law Firm to Present Lunch Discussion over new Florida Personal Injury Protection Law

Mark your calendars! On February 12th, 2013, the Yau Law Firm will host a lunch presentation about the new changes the Florida Legislature made on Personal Injury Protection (PIP) claims. As you may (or may not) be aware, the new law came into effect on January 1, 2013. The new law not only affects the […]

Representing Car Crash Victims as Florida’s New PIP Law Takes Effect

For years, the Yau Law Firm has consulted with injured clients about the rights they have following an auto-accident. Lack of funds to seek medical treatment usually tops the list of concerns. Yet, even without health insurance, injured claimants found some comfort in knowing that auto-insurance can offer some payment of their medical bills. Now, […]

“Emergency Medical Condition” in New Florida PIP Law May Limit Benefits for Car Accident Victims

People involved in car accidents may soon find themselves out of luck or out of cash. Effective January 1, 2013, Florida’s new Personal Injury Protection (PIP) law may limit the amount of benefits claimants (and insureds) can receive. Florida is one of few states to have no-fault insurance laws, (coined “PIP” in Florida), and it […]

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