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The Yau Law Firm
Focused on Protecting Businesses and Representing the Injured

Copyright Infringement May Result In Criminal Penalties

The Yau Law firm is proud to represent clients in all areas of practice relating to intellectual property. Yau Law has stood by their clients providing legal advice and representation through every stage of the business: from protecting an invention to creating contract negotiations over the invention’s sale, Yau Law has protected businesses big and […]

Intellectal Property Supports Economy

Did you know that IP supports economic growth? According to an April 2012 report released by the U.S. Commerce Department, industries dealing heavily with intellectual property (IP) support 40 million jobs. In fact, IP contributes about 35 percent of the U.S. gross domestic product (GDP)—that’s about $5 trillion dollars! Why is this good news? While […]

Experts in Product Names Consider Trademark Strength and Consumer Effect

  Kate Middleton and Prince William’s recent announcement that they are expecting a baby has the media buzzing and people speculating as to possible baby names.  While the royal heir’s name is tabloid fodder, the business world has always appreciated the importance of picking the right name for their products and services. Some of the […]

Louboutin vs. Yves Saint Laurent: Trademark Litigation Over Red-Soled Shoes

 Chistian Louboutin couldn’t prevent Yves Saint Laurent from selling red soled shoes, in a decision handed down from the United States Court of Appeals, 2nd Circuit, earlier this week.  Originally, Louboutin tried to prevent his competitor, Yves Saint Laurent, from copying his signature-red soled shoes by filing a million dollar trademark infringement, unfair competition, and false designation of origin lawsuit […]

Is That a Louis? LV’s Trademark Can Make Garbage Worth $150,000

Louis Vuitton: it might just be every fashion-lover’s dream to own one; after all, Louis Vuitton’s trademark is iconic, timeless…and relatively expensive. Who would have thought, 158 years ago, that Mr. Vuitton’s name would be worth about 3.2 billion dollars today? So famous is the LV trademark that just its mere embroidery could transform garbage into high […]

Olympic Hosts Insult “Fat American Families” to Thwart Trademark Grief

Why are Londoners insulting the U.S. with sales of “I’M RENTING MY FLAT TO A FAT AMERICAN FAMILY” Olympic memorabilia?  It’s a clever, but age-old trick to skirt trademark infringement liability. It’s common knowledge that London, as an Olympic host city, stands to make a lot of money from visitors and tourists.  The International Olympic […]

EA Sports vs. Energy Armor: Battle for the “EA” Trademark

What do a Jacksonville, Florida, health and fitness company, Energy Armor, and national computer gaming company, EA Sports, have in common?  They are both planting a flag on the trademark, “EA.” EA Sports claims that Energy Armor intentionally used a logo that is so similar to the EA Sports logo, that it causes consumer confusion.  The […]

From Emblems to Empires: Franchising Through Trademarks [Blog Talk Radio Episode]

  Click here to listen to this episode Blog Talk Radio’s “Business Talk” show co-host, Jo-Anne Yau, presented, “From Emblems to Empires:  How Trademarks Become Franchises.”  Ms. Yau discussed how a protected brand can evolve into a franchise chain.  Her guest was Franchise Law professor and former CEO of the Arthur Treacher’s Fish & Chips franchise, Jim Cataland.  Hetook listeners through […]

Trademark Business Basics [Blog Talk Radio Episode]

   Blog Talk Radio’s “Business Talk” show co-host, Ms. Yau, presented, “Trademark Business Basics.”  Ms. Yau discussed the basics of business: from getting your trademark registered to franchising your company.  She discussed the types of businesses that will most benefit from trademarks and the process involved in registering and protecting that brand. The guest on this episode […]

Jo-Anne Yau’s Woman-Owned Business Strategies Featured in Jacksonville Business Journal

More Florida women are deciding to become business owners in the face of our current economic crisis.   And their businesses are thriving.  Ask Jo-Anne Yau, who was featured in the Business Strategies section of the Jacksonville Business Journal. Ms. Yau credited her mentors and support staff for her success in starting a law firm when […]

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