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Florida’s Red-Light Camera Laws Face Challenges

Traffic tickets generated by red light cameras may soon become a thing of the past in the state of Florida. Since the Florida legislature approved the camera use three years ago, the Yau Law Firm has represented clients in traffic court assisting them with these, and other, traffic-related infractions thereby preventing heavy fines and points added to driving records.

At the time the red light cameras were approved, driver safety was at the forefront of their purpose. However, in practice, many citizens are concerned that safety is no longer the case. According to John Bowman, the communications director of the National Motorists Association, “putting cameras on poles and taking pictures will not stop accidents.” 

Many local governments have been able to collect thousands of dollars in fines, in our budget-constrained economy, through the use of camera-generated tickets, which has skeptics concerned that the legislature may have an understated co-agenda.

In Florida, a push to force the state to ditch its red-light cameras is gaining momentum in the legislature. Last week, a House committee advanced the ban in a 10-8 vote, kicking it to the full chamber for a verdict. However, until Florida makes a decision on these proposed red-light camera laws, drivers should be aware that there may be tickets imposed for traffic violations. Many cities have published a list of intersections where red light cameras are active. In the city of Jacksonville, you can see where all active red light cameras are by visiting:

Oftentimes, people who receive traffic tickets just pay the fine and take defensive driving courses. But, it’s important to know that doing so is an admission to the offense! There are various things that can invalidate a ticket, which can lead to a dismissal. The Yau Law Firm takes pride in knowing how to dismiss a ticket, or else how to get the judge to withhold adjudication.

If you have received a traffic ticket related to a red light camera, there is still hope to have that ticket dismissed!  Contact the Yau Law firm today to find out how we can help you fight fines and points against your license. Our prices are REASONABLE. Fees begin at $69.00 depending on the facts of your case.

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