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Jacksonville crowned as a hot hub for entrepreneurship by CNN Money

Whether it is in Florida or some other state, federal trademarks, patents, and copyrights are just some of the things we help our business clients with on a daily basis here at the Yau Law Firm. But, when it comes to starting a business, we are all about planting roots right here in Jacksonville! Sure, we can admit some bias because we love working here in Jacksonville, but our favoritism to Jacksonville is not wholly unfounded.

In a recent article, CNN Money reported that Jacksonville is a “hidden jewel for entrepreneurs.” In fact, the article reported that many entrepreneurs have left Silicon Valley and New York to come to Jacksonville. CNN Money listed several reasons why Jacksonville is a great place to be for start-up businesses, including the median age of residents, which experts believe contributes to the drive of starting a business. And, let’s not forget OneSpark, a trending annual crowdfunding event held in downtown Jacksonville, which drew national and international visitors and attention. Our very own Florence Monauer attended the event as a Creator for a video game company, Bird Tree.

“Every day I would get about an hour to walk out and tour downtown Jacksonville during OneSpark, and it surprises me how invigorated our downtown became because of all the attendees,” Monauer said. “OneSpark is every business’s dream: they get a shot at the millions of dollars available, and they get to network and market all at the same time. It really inspires people. It inspired me.”


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