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Recruitment Fraud: A Job Seeker’s Nightmare

A common scam, especially in this economy, is recruitment fraud. The scamming party will fraudulently pose as the agent for a legitimate business and will use fictitious offers of employment to trick jobseekers out of personal information or money.

Recruitment fraud comes in different varieties. In one method, a bogus website is created using the name a legitimate business frequented by jobseekers. When a user accesses the false website, they are prompted to submit personal information under the pretense of completing a job application.

Another method involves unsolicited emails appearing to be from legitimate recruiters. The email purports to be an employment offer and usually requests the victim to reply by sending personal data such as social security number, dates of birth, and band information. Emails sent by defrauders will also often request victims to pay money in order to cover travel or other expenses.

Several large corporations advise potential job applicants on how to identify and how to address recruitment defrauders. Job seekers are told that recruitment fraud often involves early requests for information and requests for personal information. Another red flag is emails sent from free accounts such as or It is strongly advised never to send money. Companies also advise that job offers are never made without first conducting a formal interview.

If you believe you have been contacted by a fraudulent recruiter, make sure to save all correspondence, never disclose personal information, and contact an attorney specializing in this area.

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