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Seminar: Guide for Businesses & Individuals Filing Their Own BP Oil Spill Claim

AuditoriumDoes my company qualify for compensation? How do I prove that the oil spill affected my business? Could my illness be related to the oil spill? What constitutes “property damage”? Do I waive legal rights by accepting compensation?

These are only a few of the many questions Floridians ask me about their oil spill concerns. Most people and businesses have the same concerns. These questions are so popular, that I have decided to host a seminar in the communities most affected by this disaster. The seminars will be held in Pensacola/Destin, St. Petersburg/Clearwater, and Jacksonville/St. Augustine.

The seminar will help companies and people determine whether they should file a claim. It will also educate claimants in how to put documents together to support their claim, and shed some light on the claims process. Because I am an attorney, I am qualified to give legal advice and render legal opinions. However, since my intent is to educate these communities, attendees are under no obligation to retain my law firm or services. In fact, because every injury is unique, I will not represent any person or business unless they have had a thorough consultation with me.

Early birds can sign up for $20, and the price of admission includes lunch. Late RSVPs or registrations at the door are $25, since space is limited.

For questions about the seminar, contact me.

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