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Starting a New Business? Consider Attending OneSpark!

In less than 19 days, more than 600 Creators will display their projects throughout downtown Jacksonville for a shot at some of the $3.25 million dollars inside the crowd-funding pot. Last year, our attorneys at the Yau Law Firm attended OneSpark and gave our votes and support to some Creators and their intellectual property. This year, one of our very own attorneys, Florence Chen Monauer, will be at OneSpark as a Creator.

“Whether it’s Kickstarter or OneSpark, I’ve learned very quickly that start-up businesses and projects can greatly benefit from crowdfunding,” said Monauer. “It’s not so much about trying to get crowdfunding–although it’d be very nice if we walk out of the event with a check in our hands, it’s about marketing, getting people to know you and your project, and making some friends.” As a member of the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce and its branches, such as the Professional Women’s Council and the Business Women of Color Task Force, Monauer has stressed the importance of being a part of the community to network. More importantly, taking the initiative to showcase your cause or project can bring more revenue to your business, Monauer mentioned. Particularly, individuals can benefit from something like OneSpark if the person has a patent pending.

“If you have a patent pending because you want to test your property in the marketplace, OneSpark is a good place to start,” Monauer stated.

Monauer and her husband, Lucas Monauer, will be showcasing their video game project at the Art Center II, located at 229 N. Hogan Street from April 9, 2014 until April 13th. Monauer’s OneSpark project can be seen here: Project Soulmist. She invites all to see her project and ask any questions!

If you are thinking of starting a business, or you have questions about your trademark, copyright, or patent, give us a call today!

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