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String of Football Concussion Cases Open as Philadelphia NFL Lawsuit Settles at $765 Million

Just a few days shy of the new 2013 football season, the parties to the Philadelphia concussion law suit reached an agreement to settle at $765 million dollars. More than 4,500 former NFL football players filed the suit against the NFL, contending that the NFL failed to disclose the risks of concussions and for rushing injured players back onto the field. As attorneys who handle personal injury and sports law at the Yau Law Firm, we couldn’t help but follow the story.

But, soon after the $765M settlement, new concussion lawsuits opened up. On the first week of September, four former NFL players filed a lawsuit in New Orleans against the league and Riddell, the company responsible for making NFL football helmets. The accusations are similar to the lawsuit in Philadelphia: the league (and also their helmet maker) failed to protect these football players from brain injury. In addition to new NFL concussion lawsuits, former college football players are also suing the NCAA on similar allegations.

The plaintiffs to each of these cases suffered various ailments to their injuries, including¬†dementia, depression, Alzheimer’s, headaches, memory loss, other cognitive dysfunctions, and some even death. The wives of the former NFL football players also join the litigation as plaintiffs, claiming damages for loss of their husbands’ companionship and services.

The string of concussion cases has created quite a buzz with the nation, and many can’t help but pitch in their two cents. Some question whether anyone should ever allow children to play sports known to have intense physical contact. At the Yau Law Firm, we believe in open disclosures and responsible treatment of athletes.

To find out how the Yau Law Firm can protect you as a licensed sports agent, or how to seek the right legal remedies for your personal injuries, call us today!


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