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Are your Pictures Showing up Somewhere Else?

Copyright protection is a common concern for business owners, particularly for artists and photographers. After all, photographs, pictures, and the like, can be considered intellectual property. So, when someone uses photographs without the owner’s permission, issues about copyright infringement can arise. But, what about pictures of yourself that you posted on your Facebook, twitterYouTube, Google plus, or some other social media account? What if someone took your pictures and posted it somewhere else without your permission? The Yau Law Firm has answers to these questions. Whether you are a business owner or an individual sharing pictures online, these are questions that should be asked before posting on the internet.

The nightmare of seeing your photo–of which only your friends and family should have exclusive access to–somewhere else is becoming a reality for many people across the United States.  But, the myth that is circulating across the internet is this: whatever you post on the internet is now public property, and anyone can use that picture without your permission.

You may not realize that pictures taken by you may be copyrighted by you, whether or not you actually registered a copyright on your picture. Many people believe that copyright becomes an issue only after the work has been registered, and this is false. While registering your photograph (or work) will perfect your rights in the event of a law suit, you do not need to prove a copyright registration to have someone else remove your facebook photo, for instance, from their website. Additionally, you do not need to be in the business of taking pictures to assert a copyright on your photograph.

And yes, there is a way to get an internet site, or anyone, from removing your picture from their website without actually filing a lawsuit. At the Yau Law Firm, we strive to solve problems without litigation, and doing so saves our clients hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. We promise to find the most cost-effective way to resolve issues. To find out how to protect your rights, or how to remove your photographs from someone else’s website, give us a call.

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Article by: Florence Chen

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