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Jo-Anne Yau to Co-Host Blog Talk Radio’s Business Show

  Blogs aren’t just for reading anymore.  Starting June 3, Kerry Heaps and Jo-Anne Yau will co-host Blog Talk Radio’s “Business Talk Radio” show.  The hour-long shows will address a number of business-related topics, such as patents, franchising, licensing, litigation, and contracts.  It airs every other Friday, 10-11am EST.

The inaugural show is dedicated to trademark law.  Ms. Yau will go through trademark basics, business strategies for branding, and offer legal advice for making the most of intellectual property.

Kyle Boatwright, President of Worthington Millworks, will be Ms. Yau’s guest.  He will talk about his experience with registering his name and logo, and how registered trademarks have facilitated his business’ development.

Listeners can tune in and call with questions at 646-716-8610, or tweet questions to @kerryheaps.  The show will be archived for those who miss the live show.

Because the show is accessed online, Blog Talk Radio has listeners across the country and around the world.  If you have a topic you would like to hear, let us know.

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