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Making the Best Out of a Tragic Accident

May 2010, Rachelle Friedman and her bridesmaids traveled to Virginia Beach for her bachelorette party.  The weekend was filled with fun:  a chauffeured limousine ride and dancing.   Her wedding was just weeks away, and with a playful push into the pool by friends her life was suddenly changed forever.  Friedman suffered a C6 spinal cord injury, instantly paralyzing her from the chest down. 

Fiance Chris Chapman remains by her side.  Through painful physical therapy and daily chores, Chapman who says in the “Today Show” segment that the wedding is still on:  “I never once thought about leaving her or this situation.”  The wedding may be put on hold for a while longer. When she marries Chapman,  the combined income will make her no longer eligible for Medicare.

I feel sad that this could be the main reason for delaying the nuptials.  The health insurance system we have is in need of serious improvement.  Why are others put in bad positions because health care is either too expensive  to maintain or too hard to obtain?

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