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Personal Injury on Black Friday: When Shopping Gets Ugly

  Black Friday is notorious for “great” shopping deals, but it is also notorious for long lines, crowds of people, shoving, and (inevitably) personal injury. Nearly every annual Black Friday results in some form of injury: some leave stores with just their wounded pride of not having snagged the item before the rush, others are rushed to the hospital.

In Covington, Washington, a 71-year-old driver ran over two Wal-Mart shoppers during Thanksgiving night. Emergency personnel had to fly one of the victims to the hospital after finding the victim pinned beneath the driver’s SUV. In San Antonio, Texas, a man argued with several other shoppers waiting in line at Sears and even punched one to get to the head of the line. Witnesses waiting at the line said that the man who received the punch then pulled a gun and pointed it at his assailant. One man in Sacramento, California even threatened to stab K-Mart shoppers.

Here is a list of injuries caused by the Black Friday shopping in past years:

  1. Woman Who Feared for Her Life doused shoppers at Wal-Mart with Pepper Spray 
  2. Black Friday Shoppers Trampled at Target 
  3. Victim of a Black Friday Shooting Undergoes Foot Surgery

Yau Law has handled various types of personal injury cases. From automobile accidents, dog bites, and even cases involving the BP Oil Spill, Yau Law will fight to make sure that victims get what they deserve. Yau Law can certainly handle cases caused by the wrongdoing of an irritated Black Friday shopper.

If you are a victim of personal injury caused by the Black Friday frenzy, it is vital to seek legal help immediately. Evidence can get lost through time and witnesses’s memories can fade.

Contact the Yau Law Firm.  We are here to investigate the incident, on our time, and at our expense.  If you are not compensated by the at-fault party, you will not have to reimburse us for the costs of investigations.  We will review your case with you.


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