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Royal Baby in Carseat Could Mean Injuries in a Car Accident

Infants and children are injured every day in car wrecks.  Many of these injuries could be reduced or avoided altogether by the actions of the adults responsible for them.

As Personal Injury attorneys, we represent mostly adults, but we have represented our share of children and infants injured in car accidents as well.  Improperly installed car seats are a common headline, but what about improperly secured children?

In Florida, children injured in automobile accidents can pursue all negligent parties for compensation.  Even if the other vehicle was at fault, if a parent doesn’t properly secure the child in the car, the child may have a claim against his own parent!  Florida also has a rule that if a child recovers $15,000 or more in compensation for personal injury compensation, the court must approve of that compensation.

In the photo, you can see that Prince George was still swaddled in his carseat.  This means that the five-point harness could not be secured over both shoulders, and it would be impossible to fasten the strap between his legs.  In the event of a crash, Prince George could suffer injuries including a broken arm where the single strap across his chest lay.  Even worse, since his shoulder straps and leg strap were on improperly, he could be ejected from his carseat.

Kate and William made their first parenting mistake:  Prince George was not secure in his carseat on the ride from the Lindo Wing of St. Mary’s Hospital.  Don’t take that risk with your child!

When choosing a carseat for your precious cargo, be sure that the size is appropriate for your child’s weight.  Most fire stations offer free installation of carseats, to ensure that they are adequately anchored.  After an accident, it’s best to replace the carseat.  And finally, carseats have expiration dates, so make note of it, and replace your child’s carseat before that expiration.

Feel free to contact the Yau Law Firm if you or someone you know has questions or concerns about car seat liability and personal injury.


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