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Technology can boost Restaurant Businesses

Restaurants can come in various shapes, sizes, and types. Whether they are franchises, partnerships, owned by corporations, or “mom and pop,” the Yau Law firm believes that EVERY restaurant–no, EVERY business, can increase sales through technology.

Some of you may recall America welcoming its first cell phone. It might have looked something like this. Back then, the idea that humans can take and make phone calls wirelessly was barely sinking in. But now, humans can’t seem to go anywhere without first “googling” about it on their iphones, ipads, Android devices, etc.

This is why suggests that every restaurant owner “get with the times” and offer their services on mobile devices. For example, Domino’s Pizza allows its customers to not only place orders online, but it also allows customers to place orders through their mobile devices via an app. Just from their web, mobile, and app orders alone, Domino’s generated about $1 billion dollars in sales in one year. Online menus and digital coupons (think QR codes) are also becoming quickly popular. Well-known southern grocery chain, Publix, is now allowing their customers to download digital coupons into their phones. Rather than presenting paper coupons at the register, customers instead type┬átheir phone numbers into the credit card machines, and VOILA, those previously downloaded coupons are automatically applied.

But, it’s quite obvious why technology would boost restaurant (and other business) sales. After all, we humans are creatures of convenience!

If you are looking to build a business, Yau Law knows just what to do. Making a business is a lot more than building around an idea and looking for investors. Tax ID numbers need to be applied for; articles of incorporation may need to be filed; getting a business license may also be necessary. Whether you need advice on how to start your business, how to negotiate a big business agreement, or how to create contracts, Yau Law can handle it all.

Contact us today to find out how we can turn your business idea into a reality!

Article by: Florence Chen

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