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Jacksonville Ranked 5th Worst Speed Trap in the Nation

Jacksonville was recently ranked in the top five of the Nation’s worst speed traps. This is according to the National Motorists Association (NMA), which bases its rankings on the number of reported speed trap sites in each city. Jacksonville has 175 sites, while number one ranked Houston has 373 sites.

A speed trap is typically an area police set up, often using unmarked cars or stationary radar, to catch multiple drivers. One characteristic of cities rated high on NMA’s list is areas where the posted speed limit is unusually low. In Jacksonville, many areas are reported to have a posted speed limit that is lower than what the public considers safe. NMA representatives and supporters argue that the best way to determine a safe speed limit is to consider the design of the particular road. The same supporters suggest that lawmakers intentionally decrease speed limits simply as a means to generate revenue.

Other people argue that some speed traps are a matter of public safety. Speed enforcement is necessary because drivers in those areas constantly exceed the posted limits, posing a threat to the community.  As a Magistrate in Civil Traffic Court here in Duval county, I would like to see that speed enforcement is linked to safety.  That is, with increased enforcement comes reduced accidents, injuries, and fatalities on our roadways.

In addition to ranking American cities by the number of speed traps, the NMA also maintains an extensive directory speed trap locations. Furthermore, the NMA advocates for drivers’ rights by supporting higher speed limits and opposing red-light cameras and photo speed enforcement.

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