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Little Ideas That Became Million Dollar Businesses

As an attorney who protects trademarks and advises businesses every day, I am always fascinated with ideas that become the next big thing.  I thought I’d share with you a few of my most recent favorites.

Have you ever heard of Fatheadz?  I haven’t either, until I read about fat-headed Rico Elmore designing a line of “full figured” sunglasses.  Elmore’s narrow market of wide-skulled customers made him a millionaire.  Fatheadz are found in major retailers like Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club and even on a few Indianapolis Colts players!  

Do you send your kids off to school with a jacket never to be seen again?  Mabel’s Labels was started by Julie Cole and other Canadian career moms.  They have developed a permanent, personalized, durable labeling system for items like clothing, shoes and id tags.  With start up costs reaching $10,000, Mabel’s Labels sold over $4 million in revenue in 2009!

Best friends Adrian Salamunovic and Nazim Ahmed have found a formula for art, science, and cash.  DNA artwork is a piece of modern art with a personal flare.  After a quick cheek swab, enough organic matter is collected to create an image of human DNA using the machines Ahmed used to sell for a Canadian biotech firm.  With the initial start up costs of $2,000 DNA 11 reached $1.4 in revenue for 2009.  Each piece is truly unique!

Many entrepreneurs have great ideas, but need help creating and marketing their product.  More importantly, there are many ways to protect these golden eggs and to reduce the risk of starting a business.  Hiring a Business and Intellectual Property attorney can ease stresses of turning the idea into an empire.

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