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Most Dangerous U.S. Cities

Residents of St. Louis should watch their backs!  The city was just named most dangerous city in the United States by a Uniform Crime Reporting Program created by the FBI.  The annual list is based on population figures and crime data compiled for the FBI reporting program.  Some criminologists question the findings, saying the methodology is unfair.  The remaining top four cities on the list are Camden, New Jersey, Detroit, Michigan, Flint, Michigan, and Oakland, California.  Again, for the second straight year, the safest city with more than 79,000 residents was Colonie, N.Y.

Kara Bowlin, spokeswoman for St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay, said “the city actually has been getting safer over the last few years. She said crime in St. Louis has gone down each year since 2007, and so far in 2010, St. Louis crime is down 7 percent.”

When it comes to Jacksonville, Florida crime rates have been dropping.  There has been a 9.7% decrease in total crime rate for our city as of April 2010.  However, we have been the highest percentage of murders in Florida – 11 years and counting.  What do people expect?  Jacksonville is one of the largest cities based on square mileage. 

How safe do you feel is your city?

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