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Jo-Anne Yau to Co-Host Blog Talk Radio’s Business Show

  Blogs aren’t just for reading anymore.  Starting June 3, Kerry Heaps and Jo-Anne Yau will co-host Blog Talk Radio’s “Business Talk Radio” show.  The hour-long shows will address a number of business-related topics, such as patents, franchising, licensing, litigation, and contracts.  It airs every other Friday, 10-11am EST. The inaugural show is dedicated to trademark law.  Ms. […]

eBay Sues Google for Stealing Executives and Trade Secrets

It’s the ultimate clash of the titans.  In a dispute over the Google Wallet payment service allegedly infringing on the trade secrets of eBay’s PayPal service, the May 27, 2011 lawsuit was filed.  The claims revolved around former eBay executives, Osama Bedier and Stephanie Tilenius revealing proprietary information to Google. The events leading up to the […]

McDonald’s: Changing Image with Changing Times

You may notice that commercials for McDonald’s no longer feature Ronald McDonald. Is the 48 year-old clown being phased out?  It has been reported recently that the world’s leading fast-food restaurant chain is shifting to a more mature brand in order to target more sophisticated consumers.  Why companies like McDonald’s rebrand is an inquiry that […]

“Sarah Palin ®” and “Bristol Palin ®”: Trademark Registration for Their Names

Can a person’s name be a registered trademark?  Sure, if it’s used in commerce to identify goods or services.  Ask Bristol and Sarah Palin.  They are applying for trademark registration. So what are they claiming to offer in commerce?  Evidently, Bristol will be providing motivational speaking services in the field of life choices.  Sarah will […]

Jo-Anne Yau Addresses Entertainment Law Issues: Piracy and Ethics

  Piracy and ethical considerations in the entertainment industry have always been issues faced by entertainment lawyers.  Jo-Anne Yau, attorney at Jacksonville-based firm Yau Law, was invited by Florida Coastal School of Law’s Entertainment Law Society, to address these issues, and offer best practices tips for students with aspirations of practicing entertainment law. Ms. Yau […]

Yau Law Firm Seminar: “Protecting Your Brand,” February 18, 2011

 Jacksonville and North Florida’s business owners, entrepreneurs, and inventors will have the opportunity to learn how to create and protect their trademarks this Friday.  Felicia Wright, owner of MyGani Design Studios, will be offering advice on creating and marketing a unique image for businesses and products.  Jo-Anne Yau, of the Yau Law Firm, will discuss […]

Why “Superbowl” is Not “The Big Game”: A Trademark Showdown

  “Superbowl.”  “The Big Game.”  “Football Championship.” Isn’t the word, “Superbowl” the sexiest, most powerful of the three?  In anticipation of the Pittsburgh Steelers squaring off against the Green Bay Packers at the Cowboys Stadium this Sunday, why are restaurants, retailers, and the hospitality industry using any other word to describe their happy hours, sales, […]

Loss of Olympic Spirit

At a New Year’s Eve party on Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janiero, the Olympic logo for the 2016 games was unveiled for the first time.  After what looked like a great party to attend, came great speculation.  Telluride Foundation based out of Colorado has a logo very similar to the new Rio logo.  The creator […]

Jacksonville Pizza Restaurants Fight Over “Joseph’s” Trademark

This can’t be the first time that Italian restaurants have fought over the rights to the name “Joseph’s.” So alas, history repeats itself in North Florida.  It all boils down to the question:  who is the rightful owner of a trademark? Zek Leci learned this answer the hard way, when all fingers recently pointed at […]

Trademarks: Intellectual Property Audits, Part 3 of 4

Welcome back to the third installment of our IP Audit part 3 of 4.  This section will focus on trademarks.  Did you know that trademarks can be registered on the state or federal level?  A person conducting business across state lines is recommended to file federally.  As part of any company’s due diligence, it is […]

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